Plot multiple locations on Google Maps

A little while ago, I had two job interviews on the same day in downtown Boston. I didn't know the financial district very well, so I wanted to plot both of the locations on Google Maps so I could see how close they were to each other. The problem is, you can't plot more than one location on Google Maps*. If you would like to stay up do date on this site and any improvements to it, check out my blog. All announcements about new features will be there.

So, I decided this would be a great little project to learn the Google Maps API. Just Put each address you want to plot on its own line in the box below, and click Submit.

* Well, you can plot two locations on Google Maps, if you tell if to give you directions from one point to the other, but if you want three of more points, you're out of luck. Also, Google has plans to allow for multiple points to be plotted in the future, but in the meantime, I hope you find this page useful!

If you find this service useful, please consider making a donation. I work on this in my spare time, and don't make any money from it other than the advertisements. The revenue from that is very small, and only covers a portion of my hosting fees. Thank you!

To plot multiple locations on Google Maps, enter each address on its own line in the box below, and click Submit.


If you wish to save this search with a short URL, so you can link to it, give it a name below. If you don't plan on reusing this query, you can leave it blank.

Enter the addresses to plot in the box below, one per line. You can add comments about each address by enclosing your comments in {} at the end of the line

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